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Welcome to our Privacy Policy! is a Worldwide Escorts Directory site, which offer to escorts and agencies oportunity to add their services and other related adult services.

When you use these services, you will share some personal information with us. Because we want you to enjoy our services in a peaceful and trustworthy way, please be assured that we are fully dedicated to the protection of your personal information.

Because your privacy is so important to us, we provide you with this Privacy Policy, explaining how we collect, use and share your personal information, so that you can make informed choices about the use of your data.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. We have tried to write it in a way, which is free of long boring sentences and legal terms. You can contact us if you have any question about our privacy practices or about what we are doing with your personal information. We will be happy to provide you any assistance you may need.

What Personal Data do We Process?

We collect, use, share, transfer, and store different types of your personal data as a result of your visit of and/or use of our services on our site.

The personal data we collect includes the following categories of data:

  1. Personal data you give to us

    • When you create a customer account on our site

      When you create an account on our site, we require important details about you:

      • an email address

      • a username

      • a password

      Providing this information about you in your profile is optional. With your consent only, all escorts and agencies will be able to see this data. You can delete this data from your profile at any moment, which will not affect your use of the site. 

  2. Personal Information we get when you use our services

    We collect certain information about you when you are using our services and navigate on our site.

    Concretely, this means that, when you visit our site or use our services, even if you have not created an account or logged in, we collect certain information about you.

    • We also collect information about your communications with the Models, such as:

      • the username of the Escorts & Agencies

      • the time and date of your communications


    • Content information


      We collect any other communication data such as telephone conversations, chat logs, text messages, faxes and letters you send to us.

    • Log data and device information

      We automatically collect log data and information from or about your computer, phone, or other devices you use to access our services or navigate on our site. This includes:

      • your IP address

      • the date and time you logged into your account

      • pages viewed

      • types of features you use

      • the hardware, software or internet browser you use

      • information about your computer’s operating system, like application version

      • your language settings

      • identifiers associated with cookies or other technologies that may uniquely identify your device or browser

      If you are using a mobile device, we might also collect:

      • data that identifies your mobile device

      • device-specific settings and characteristics

      • location details

      • app crashes and other system activity

    • Information collected by cookies and other technologies

      Like many websites and applications, we use cookies and other technologies (such as web beacons, web storage, and unique advertising identifiers) to collect information about your activity, browser, and device.

      Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually remove or reject browser cookies through the settings on your browser or device. Keep in mind, though, that blocking cookies may negatively affect your use of the services on our site.

      To learn more about how we use cookies and your choices, please check out our Cookies Policy.

  3. Personal data we receive from third parties

    • We collect information that the Escorts & Agencies provide about you in the course of the communication with our Billing and Support Team.

    • We are also dealing with partner ad networks, which help us to promote our site. For example, we might receive information about your experiences and interactions from our partner ad networks.

    • We are also managing an ad network and promotional tools ourselves and may receive information about your experiences and interactions with our ads and promotional tools published/used on third party or affiliated sites.

    • If a friend, Member of our site, invited you to join us, through a referral link he/she shared with you beforehand, please note that your friend did not provide us with your personal information. He/she only shared the link with you on his/her behalf to be able to receive a reward. The information we process when you decide to click on the referral link is a random referral number that we store in our system/databases for a limited period. We use this information exclusively to determine if the Member who invited you to join our site and yourself, are both eligible to receive a referral fee reward/credit. The referral number, as standalone information, contains no identifiable information about you. It is, thus, considered as a piece of anonymous information. It may only be linked with identifiable information about you when you decide to register on our site.

  4. Personal data we collect from publicly available sources

    We collect publicly available information about you only when it is necessary to prevent fraud and illegal activities on our site (for example, when we suspect that you are using a false or stolen credit card, when we witness child abuse cases, or pedophile activity, etc.).

    This data may comprise publicly available information you share on social media like Facebook, your blog and/or site, and any other public data available on the internet.

    This information is always associated or combined with the data we collect through our site to finalize our investigation before reporting any fraud and illegal activities to authorities. We never use publicly available data for any other purpose.


  1. Customer relationship management and communication with you

    • We provide Customer and Billing Support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sharing your personal details with our Customer and Billing Support Team allows us to respond to any question you might have about our services.

      All your communications with our Customer and Billing Support and all information you provide in the course of such communications, including any review or opinion about the services of a Model, are stored and reviewed so that we may respond to your request. We can also ensure this way full compliance of all users of our site with our terms and conditions.

      Some of the recorded communications with you are used for training purposes of our employees within the Customer and Billing Support so that we can ensure customer service excellence.

      Finally, be aware that, when receiving a request or claim of a customer, our Customer and Billing Support Team can access all information you give to us and all usage information we collected about you. We want to make sure that our Customer and Billing Support has all the information needed to respond appropriately and immediately to your request.

      Please note that the Customer and Billing Support may also communicate with you through emails or any other means, if appropriate.

    • Please note that we may also communicate with you through emails or any other means, if appropriate, to inform you of certain changes regarding our site or certain events, for example, when you successfully register on our site.

    The use of your personal information is necessary to perform the contract that you have with us, notably to deliver appropriate customer services to you.

  2. Payment

    • Depending on the payment method you choose, we use your identification data and payment information to process transactions.

    The use of your personal information is necessary to perform the contract that you have with us. If you purchase credits, we will use your information to execute the payment and provide you with the services.

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