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Like many websites and applications, our site uses cookies and other technologies (such as web beacons, web storage, and unique advertising identifiers) for different purposes. In this policy, we refer to all of these technologies as "cookies." Through cookies, we are collecting information about your device and your activity, for example your bowser type and browser information, you computer’s operating system, your IP address, the pages you viewed or the features you used.

This policy explains how and why we use cookies and the choices you have.

Terms and Conditions

This document will not be classified, it is only concluded in electronic form, online, should not be considered as a written contract. Its scope covers the legal relationships specified on the web page of the service provider https://www.0Escorts.com and its international sub-domains. These general conditions are permanently accessible from the menu on the web page. Please read the Terms and Conditions (“GBC”) carefully before you start using the web page.



0Escorts.com is a directory site for worldwide escorts. This site allows users to add their escort profile, to add their agency. to seek erotic services, make assessments and reviews. 0Escorts.com allows registered members /agencies/escorts to access the profiles of other registered natural persons and to establish contact with them.

It is strictly prohibited to download the content published on the web page, to store it or process it electronically or to resell it without the prior written consent of the service provider.

The user registered as an agency or escort must in no case publish false photos / videos of him without the consent of the person concerned.

The user registered as an agency or escort or member must preserve his password and his personal information for security reasons and the site is not responsible for the information published on your account at least theft of identity or other relative circumstance.

By visiting 0Escorts.com or by registering, you are in legal ages 18+.

Any minor under 18 is prohibited on this site or to navigate on any page.

The user is not authorized to use the web page for purposes which may be considered illegitimate, unfair or harmful to the web page or to third parties.

We may terminate your access to the Website and its content at any time without reason. Members also have the right to terminate their registration at any time


The services can only be used by adults, based on a voluntary decision.

Users are required to provide their own personal data during registration. If users provide unreal data or data that can be linked to other people during registration, they will be considered null and the account will be definitively closed.

It is prohibited as a user on 0Escorts.com to register for the purpose of advertising in the field of  ''website'' on his profile or simply to create backlinks.




The rules and regulations concerning user content are considered valid in the case of each content downloaded by registered users (text, images, photos, videos and other content).

Users assume responsibility for the information they have posted. The publication of false and erroneous data results in the immediate termination of the agreement and the ban of the registered member.

By providing their personal data, advertisers consent to data processing, which means that they decide to share individual or special data on the web and that its information will be public.

The photos on 0Escorts.com are uploaded by registered advertisers. It is therefore the user who is responsible for the photos, their authenticity and their copyright, as well as the text belonging to these photos.

Photos with text, logo, phone number or email address will not be overprinted from the site.


We reserve the right to modify, edit or delete the content uploaded by users, whether it is stored on our servers or visible on the web page if it is offensive to others, if its quality, content and style are not.



The content, functions, design, domain name of the site and other elements of the site are in the possession of MECAM Services Canada and are subject to international legal protection.

It's forbidden:

  • copy the content of the web page (using it on another web page)
  • sell, rent or make sales related to web page content
  • present the content of the web page to the public
  • copy, reproduce or use any type of content for commercial purposes
  • change, modify the content of the web page
  • resell or use any type of content for commercial purposes (e.g. newsletter)


Users can purchase Banner and VIP ads for marketing purposes. Their price depends on the type of product, the country selected and the advertising period. You will find more information on payment options on the advertising page by clicking here.


How are Cookies Used?

  • Ensure the security and the integrity of our site

We use cookies to help us to ensure a safe and trustworthy environment. Cookies help us to fight against security breach on our site, as well as against any activity violating the rules of our site.

  • Improve your user’s experience

We use functional cookies to remember your preferences on our site and to help you to use our our services efficiently. For example, we may use cookies to remember your login information, so that you do not have to retype your login details each time you visit or use our site.

  • Analytics and research

Our site uses analytics cookies (including, Google Analytics cookies). We use these cookies to gain insight into how you use our site. This helps us to understand how you interact with our site, what is interesting for you and how we can improve our services, and enhance your user’s experience.

  • Enable affiliate & referral programs

Cookies help us to identify the referrer website our users are coming from, so we can reward our partners for their efficient activity and promotion.

  • Personalize your content

Third Parties Cookies

  • Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can block cookies by modifying your browser settings.

    Please however note that, if you use your browser or device settings to block all cookies, you may experience reduced functionality on our services.

  • Personalization of your content: We will request your separate consent to create a customized experience for you.

    If you have a Member account, you may withdraw your consent at any time by opting-out in your Consent Settings. Revoking your consent to content personalization may negatively affect your experience.

    If you are a Guest, you may withdraw your consent to content personalization by contacting us at [email protected].

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